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William Levy, willing to appear nude for the right character

2:41 PMNovelas Radar

Cuban star William Levy recently visited Los Angeles in order to promote his new series of commercials for Pepsi. When asked by the hosts of the program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ if he would be willing to appear nude in a project, he replied: “If it goes with the history and with the character. Although it’s a little uncomfortable, if I need to do it, there won’t be a problem.”

After his successful participation in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Levy is preparing for his debut in Hollywood. In the next months two of his movies, "Addicted" and "Single Mom´s Club", will be released. In the meantime, he is very busy with the filming for his upcoming novela ‘La Tempestad’, where he will act alongside Ximena Navarrete. He was recently selected as the most desired leading man by the female Mexican audience.

Meanwhile, check out his latest sizzling commercials for Pepsi:

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