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Novela Pages: Hasta el fin del mundo

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Sofia Ripoll, a beautiful and intelligent woman with a strong character, is the General Manager of Ripoll Factory, Patricio Iturbide's girlfriend and the oldest sister of Alexa and Daniela. When her father died, she took charge of the family business since her mother, Greta Bandy widow of Ripoll, resolves to dedicate her life to the arts avoiding her responsibilities. Salvador Cruz, a simple, noble and sweet tempered man who is a racing driver and also a mechanic, due to a sabotage he misses the chance to compete in a very important race which ends with his dreams, being forced to accept a job as Sofia's driver. Both feel an immediate attraction that gives rise to a story in which they must go around a series of obstacles. One of these obstacles is Patricio, an ambitious man who, under the orders of Geronimo Peralta, uses Sofia as a corporate ladder to take over the lands located in the Union district where the Ripoll chocolate factory is also located.

On the other hand Sofia's has another close enemy, Silvana Blanco, her supposed best friend, a woman resented by a past event that marked her against the Ripolls, is Patricio's lover and they will form an alliance to destroy Sofia and Salvador's lives. Alexa is an extroverted and capricious girl who is spoiled by her mother. She returns from Spain due to some difficulties with her financial situation, but her family has made her believe that she has a successful career in the film industry. When she arrives to the city, Armando Romero, Salvador's friend and "compadre," is in charge of picking her up at the airport and a strong attraction awakens in Alexa. She will put up with Irma's jealousy attacks, who is Armando's couple. Daniela is the youngest sister, a nice girl who lights her home up. She meets Lucas Cavazos at a mall and he will fill the girl's life with love. He is amusing and spontaneous, but he has a complicated background due to his mother's abandonment, Rosa, and he was left under his grandmother's care, Miguelina, who works as a cook in the Ripoll Mansion. Lucas takes illegal jobs in order to get his grandmother ahead.

The Ripoll sisters will have an accomplice and advisor, Fausto Rangel, the house's butler who dedicates his entire life to them, going through the most unexpected situations along with them. Greta keeps a secret that will change her daughters’ lives, but above all Sofia's, which despite of being a strong woman, will suffer the pain of betrayal and disappointment; however, her heart cannot resist the sweet taste of a new illusion next to Salvador. Sofia, Alexa and Daniela, will look for the road to happiness, each of them will fight for love and start a trip that could lead them until the end of time.

Marjorie de Sousa - Sofía Ripoll Bandy
Pedro Fernández - Jose Luis Ramirez "Chava"/Salvador Cruz
Claudia Álvarez - Alexa Ripoll Bandy
Diego Olivera - Armando Romero
Mariana Seoane - Silvana Blanco
Julián Gil - Patricio Iturbide
Jade Fraser - Daniela Ripoll Bandy
Miguel Martínez - Lucas Cavazos
Eddy Vilard - Olivero Peralta
Ximena Herrera - Aracely Fernández
Roberto Palazuelos - Mauro Renzi
María Rojo - Guadalupe Sánchez
César Évora - Francisco "Paco" Fernández
Olivia Bucio - Greta Bandy vda. de Ripoll
Alejandro Tommasi - Fausto Rangel
Aleida Núñez - Irma Fernández
Nicolás Chunga - Nando Romero
Mariana Van Rankin - Marisol Ramirez
María Prado - Miguelina Ávila
Julio Camejo - Matías Escudero
Sugey Ábrego - Laris y Yovet
Roberto Vander - Gerónimo Peralta
Alejandra Procuna - Rosa Valera
Carlos Gascón - Alan Duncan
Jaime Moreno - Javier Ramirez
Alan Slim - Christian Blanco


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