2013 Destino

Novela Pages: Destino

9:59 AMNovelas Radar

TV Azteca/ 7:30pm
Original run: April 8, 2013-August 30, 2013
Musical theme: “Mi camino es tu amor”/Carmen
105 episodes

Valeria is a brave woman who is searching her mother. She meets and falls in love with Sebastián Montesinos, an ambitious lawyer, after saving the life of his daughter Camila during an assault. Meanwhile, Sebastián begins to work for Grecia del Sol, a successful and sensual businesswoman, who feels very attracted to him and wants to make him hers at any cost. Valeria and Grecia become rivals for the love of Sebastián, but who knows what fate has in store for them…

Mauricio Islas – Sebastián Montesinos
Paola Núñez – Valeria González
Margarita Gralia – Grecia del Sol
Ana la Salvia – Andrea
María José Magán – Elena Vargas del Sol
Javier Gómez – Rolando Vargas Montero
María Fernanda Quiroz – Jenifer Fernández
Paulette Hernández – Pamela
Álvaro Guerrero – Venustiano Cabrales
Juan Vidal – Germán Aguirre de Alba)
Jorge Luis Vázquez – Héctor Nava Cazes
Eugenio Montessoro – Víctor Urdaneta Cervantes


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