2013 Diego Torres

Novela Pages: Vecinos en Guerra

10:08 AMNovelas Radar

Telefe/ 21:30
Original run: April 15, 2013-January 2, 2014
Musical theme: “I Love It”/ Icona Pop
Created and produced by Sebastián Ortega
Written by Ernesto Korovsky, Silvina Frejdkes and Alejandro Quesada
Directed by Miguel Colom
146 episodes

Mecha, a housewife who is almost 40, has a secret from her past that nobody from her actual surrounding knows. Twenty years ago she was in a band of swindlers together with Alex and Ciro. Alex was her first love and recruited her for this “job”, while Ciro was the head of the group and planned their swindles.  The group dissolved after a failed robbery and Mecha changed her identity and started a new life. She is currently married to Rafael, who doesn’t know her secret and whom she loves, but she still feels a little bored by her role as a mother and a housewife. 

One day, they discover that the Mayorga family is planning to move to the most expensive house of the neighborhood. Mecha is shocked to find out that the head of this family is non-other than Alex, her first love and ex-partner in crime, and whom she thought to have died.

Diego Torres - Rafael 'Rafa' Crespo
Eleonora Wexler - Mercedes 'Mecha' Ramos
Mike Amigorena - Alex López/Mayorga
Mónica Antonópulos - Ivana Barreiro
Marco Antonio Caponi - Fernando Crespo
Marcela Kloosterboer - Carolina Del Río
Gastón Soffritti - Lucas Mayorga
Candela Vetrano - Paloma Crespo
Juan Pablo Geretto - Lorenzo
Jorgelina Aruzzi - Norita
Román Almaraz - Teo Crespo
Luis Ziembrowski - Ciro
Hugo Arana
Lola Berthet
Mario Pasik
Antonio Gasalla
Carlos Portaluppi
Carola Reyna
Mirtha Busnelli
Chang Kim Sung
Alan Sabbagh
Lucio Rogati
Sabrina Fogolini
Lucas Mascareña
Victoria Carreras


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