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Grazi Massafera: Sofia improved everything in our marriage

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Beautiful Brazilian actress Grazi Massafera is finally back on the small screens with her new telenovela ‘Flor do Caribe’, which premiered last month on Globo’s 6pm slot, after a relatively short maternity leave that she took after giving birth to her firstborn Sofia in May 2012.

Unlike her romantic character Ester, Grazi defines herself as a practical person: “I was always more down to earth. The leading ladies of the telenovelas, and mainly those that air on 6pm, are dramatic. The situations are quite edgy. It’s a challenge to reproduce such feelings, because I usually don’t experience such situations. I’m very practical.”

While her character in the telenovela faces turbulent situations, Grazi herself enjoys the calmness of her home and family life with husband Cauã Reymond and 10 month old daughter Sofia. She talked about her and how maternity changed her routine: “I have a baby that is filled with energy waiting for me at home at the end of each intense working day. I always arrive home very tired and can't do nothing more in life other than dedicating myself to the telenovela, to Sofia and to my husband.”

 “My pregnancy was very desired and planned. Therefore, when Sofia came, she only added and brought us light. She improved everything in our marriage. It’s amazing how she is only 10 months old and can change so many things. My zodiac sign is cancer and I’ve always had a maternal instinct. But after becoming a mother, everything gains a different proportion. It’s important to have a better maturity level in order to deal with the situations.”

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