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Ana Leal is a joyful and optimistic woman. She is happy because she has just received the deeds to her house, a small property that she and her best friend, Jennifer, could buy with huge efforts. However, disaster hits her home and Ana loses everything she owns. Simultaneously, we get to meet Fernando Lascuráin, a renowned business man who is remembering with sadness the first anniversary of his wife's death. Fernando is the father of seven kids: Fanny, Nando, Alicia, Sebastián, the twins Alex and Guille, and little Luz. These seven “little children” have managed to make life miserable to dozens of nanny´s that have walked by the Lascuráin mansion. However, Fernando compulsory needs a nanny that looks after his children. Desperate for the terrible situation she is going through, Ana seems compelled to ask Doroteo for financial help. He owns the bar called “Chicago”, a night club for gentlemen where Ana and Jennifer work. However, he gives her a loan in return for Ana to sign a contract that forces her to keep singing at the bar every night.

Two of Ana's biggest dreams are becoming a famous actress and starting a family, but her boyfriend, Johnny, who is also her manager, rather than helping her seems to be holding her back, additionally to be constantly running away from commitment. Shortages and the necessity to get ahead in life lead Ana to look for a second job. Her lack of experience and her unfinished studies complicate the process for her to find a steady job. However, destiny has prepared something for her… By a confusion, Ana ends up going to the Lascuráin Mansion ignoring that she will find there everything she has ever dreamed. Ana immediately hits it off with Luz, and she will help the little girl recover speech. However, the other kids try to make her life impossible so that she quits just like the other nannies have. When Ana meets Fernando, an “electric” current takes place between them, despite of being opposite poles, the attraction is inevitable.

As a nanny, Ana overcomes every challenge and obstacle the children put in front of her. She sympathizes with their pain for their mother's loss, and with love, laughter, and games she will give joy back to them. As for Fernando, he must overcome more complicated obstacles, like Isabela, an educated, refined woman that was trained by her mother to catch a millionaire. Her target: Fernando Lascuráin. The brains tell Fernando that Isabella is the best candidate, but his heart points at Ana, that free and spontaneous woman who has awakened passion in him again. Ana, on the other hand, will go through a strong confusion when she meets Diego, Fernando's younger brother, an adventurer and liberal-minded man who will try to steal her heart. The love between Ana and Fernando is inevitable, but they will need a strong heart that can help them overcome each and every misunderstanding destiny has prepared for them.

Sofia Ripoll, a beautiful and intelligent woman with a strong character, is the General Manager of Ripoll Factory, Patricio Iturbide's girlfriend and the oldest sister of Alexa and Daniela. When her father died, she took charge of the family business since her mother, Greta Bandy widow of Ripoll, resolves to dedicate her life to the arts avoiding her responsibilities. Salvador Cruz, a simple, noble and sweet tempered man who is a racing driver and also a mechanic, due to a sabotage he misses the chance to compete in a very important race which ends with his dreams, being forced to accept a job as Sofia's driver. Both feel an immediate attraction that gives rise to a story in which they must go around a series of obstacles. One of these obstacles is Patricio, an ambitious man who, under the orders of Geronimo Peralta, uses Sofia as a corporate ladder to take over the lands located in the Union district where the Ripoll chocolate factory is also located.

On the other hand Sofia's has another close enemy, Silvana Blanco, her supposed best friend, a woman resented by a past event that marked her against the Ripolls, is Patricio's lover and they will form an alliance to destroy Sofia and Salvador's lives. Alexa is an extroverted and capricious girl who is spoiled by her mother. She returns from Spain due to some difficulties with her financial situation, but her family has made her believe that she has a successful career in the film industry. When she arrives to the city, Armando Romero, Salvador's friend and "compadre," is in charge of picking her up at the airport and a strong attraction awakens in Alexa. She will put up with Irma's jealousy attacks, who is Armando's couple. Daniela is the youngest sister, a nice girl who lights her home up. She meets Lucas Cavazos at a mall and he will fill the girl's life with love. He is amusing and spontaneous, but he has a complicated background due to his mother's abandonment, Rosa, and he was left under his grandmother's care, Miguelina, who works as a cook in the Ripoll Mansion. Lucas takes illegal jobs in order to get his grandmother ahead.

The Ripoll sisters will have an accomplice and advisor, Fausto Rangel, the house's butler who dedicates his entire life to them, going through the most unexpected situations along with them. Greta keeps a secret that will change her daughters’ lives, but above all Sofia's, which despite of being a strong woman, will suffer the pain of betrayal and disappointment; however, her heart cannot resist the sweet taste of a new illusion next to Salvador. Sofia, Alexa and Daniela, will look for the road to happiness, each of them will fight for love and start a trip that could lead them until the end of time.

Telemundo has released the first teaser for its upcoming production ‘Señora Acero’, starring Blanca Soto, who recently joined the network after signing an exclusive multi-project deal in the beginning of the month.

‘Señora Acero’ (Mrs. Acero), written by Roberto Stopello, the writer of Telemundo's blockbuster hit ‘La Reina del Sur’,  tells the story of Sara Aguilar Bermudez, played by Soto. Sara is a woman who goes from being a housewife living an ordinary life to being the person capable of shaking the foundation of the Mexican government.  After her husband, Vicente Acero, is killed at their wedding, our heroine finds out Vicente was not the man she thought he was and, in fact, lived a double life. Her life becomes a race to evade the authorities and her husband's enemies, and along the way, becomes the "queen of organized crime."

In the first teaser, which was shown during the network’s upfront, Soto’s character runs for her life in a wedding dress, trying to escape from her husband’s enemies. Mexican actor Andrés Palacios plays her husband.

Following Univision’s announcement regarding the upcoming novelas for its 2014-15 lineup, four translated teasers were presented to the public. Check out the teasers for 'La Gata’, ‘Hasta El Fin Del Mundo’, 'Mi Corazón Es Tuyo’ and ‘La Malquerida':

This week Univision hosted its annual Upfront presentation at Gotham Hall in New York to unveil its 2014-15 programming line-up. The new slate includes four new novelas by Televisa. ‘La Gata’ and ‘Hasta El Fin Del Mundo’ are both slated to premiere on Univision this fall, while ‘Mi Corazón Es Tuyo’ and ‘La Malquerida’ are set for 2015.

“La Gata” – This telenovela follows the story of Esmeralda, a young woman who lives in the poor neighborhood of La Barranca, a place where many, like her, live in abject poverty without the protection and love of a family; a place where she is exploited by the person raising her and has little to look forward to in life. But there is hope.  Esmeralda becomes friends with a young man from a good family and, with time, they fall in love – a love that has to remain hidden from the young man’s family, a love that is threatened to be destroyed by lies and deception. This telenovela features Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas, and is produced by Nathalie Lartilleux. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

“La Malquerida” (The Bad Mistress) – This is the story of Acacia, a young girl whose father is killed in a terrible accident. The loss of her father is further complicated when her mother, Maria, discovers their “hacienda” (family estate) is in debt. Esteban, a handsome and capable employee, asks Maria to accept his help in saving the estate.  Esteban and Maria’s working relationship becomes one of mutual love.  All seems well, except for one thing:  Acacia cannot accept her mother’s new love, and as she develops into a beautiful young woman, Esteban discovers he carries a secret passion for her, as well. This love-triangle features Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Diaz, Cristian Meier, and is produced by Jose Alberto Castro. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

“Hasta el Fin del Mundo” (Until the End of Time) - This is the intricate tale of Sofia, the oldest of three sisters, who takes the helm of her family’s chocolate factory after her father’s death.  Engaged to a man who is ambitious and using her as a stepping stone, she feels an immediate and mutual attraction to Salvador, a race-car driver who, due to some unfortunate circumstances, is working as her chauffeur. Sofia and Salvador never tire of demonstrating that despite the hurdles, love is possible. The telenovela stars Marjorie De Sousa, international singing sensation Pedro Fernandez, Julian Gil and Claudia Alvarez, and is produced by Nicandro Diaz. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

“Mi Corazón es Tuyo” (My Heart is Yours) - Life’s journey hasn’t been easy for Ana who works as an exotic dancer in a club and has just lost the home she struggled to own. She knows she has to start over.  Through a clerical error at an employment agency, Ana finds herself applying for the job of “nanny” to a wealthy widower, Fernando, with seven difficult children.  Somehow, without credentials or a cultured background, Ana manages to charm the children and help in the recovery process from the loss of their mother. Meanwhile, Fernando pursues a woman with a suitable pedigree, but it becomes increasingly obvious that he is smitten with Ana and she is smitten with him. Featuring Silvia Navarro, Jorge Salinas, Mayrín Villanueva, and is produced by Juan Osorio. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)