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Mexican-Ukrainian actress Ana Layevska married her fiancée Rodrigo Moreira on Saturday in front of their family and friends. They held both a civil and a religious ceremonies, which took place at the beautiful Hacienda San Antonio del Puente in Morelos, Mexico. The beautiful actress and her businessman fiancée have been engaged since September 2013.

For the happiest day in her life, she chose a heart shaped neckline wedding dress with short lace sleeves and a crystal sash that highlighted her figure and had a curly bun updo. Her maids of honor wore different pink-coral dresses.

Among the 400 guests that attended the wedding were Valentino Lanús, Mauricio Aspe, Fernanda Castillo, Claudia Cervantes and Francisco Rubio. Felicia Mercado and Sofia Lama, who played her mother and rival in her last novela ‘Dama y Obrero’ respectively, also attended.

Nominations for the 44th annual Martín Fierro Awards were announced today. The prestigious Argentine award ceremony that celebrates extraordinary achievement in entertainment and television will take place on May 18 at the Hilton hotel, and will be aired on El Trece channel.

Nominations list (related to telenovelas):

Series / Miniseries
En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Homenaje a teatro abierto / canal 7
Santos y pecadores / Televisión por la justicia / canal 9

Telenovela / Daily fiction
Dulce amor / Telefé
Esa mujer / canal 7
Farsantes / El Trece

Comedy / Daily fiction
Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece
Solamente vos / El Trece

Actor in a leading role / Daily fiction, telenovela
Alfredo Casero, Farsantes / El Trece
Benjamín Vicuña, Farsantes / El Trece
Facundo Arana, Farsantes / El Trece
Juan Darthés, Dulce amor / Telefé
Julio Chávez, Farsantes / El Trece

Actor in a leading role / Daily fiction, comedy
Diego Torres, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Adrián Suar, Solamente vos / El Trece
Nicolás Cabré, Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece
Mike Amigorena, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Osvaldo Laport, Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece

Actress in a leading role / Daily fiction, telenovela
Andrea del Boca, Esa mujer / canal 7
Carina Zampini, Dulce amor / Telefé
Celeste Cid, Sos mi hombre / El Trece
Griselda Siciliani, Farsantes / El Trece
Laura Novoa, Dulce amor / Telefé

Actress in a leading role / Daily fiction, comedy
Agustina Cherri, Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece
Calu Rivero, Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece
Eleonora Wexler, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Natalia Oreiro, Solamente vos / Telefé
Soledad Silveyra, Mis amigos de siempre / El Trece

Actor in a leading role / series or miniseries
Alejandro Awada, Decir sí, homenaje a teatro abierto / canal 7 and La mamá de Santiago -Historias de corazón- / Telefé
Diego Peretti, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Jorge Marrale, Historias de diván / Telefé
Juan Leyrado, El juez fiaca, Santos y pecadores, Televisión por la justicia / canal 9 and Decir sí, homenaje a teatro abierto / canal 7
Miguel Angel Sola, Germán, últimas viñetas / canal 7 and La mujer deseada y La sierra de los Benteveos, Historias de corazón / Telefé

Actress in a leading role / series or miniseries
Claudia Lapaco, Tita Merello, cuando yo me vaya, Historia clínica / Telefé
Eleonora Wexler, Eva Perón, actriz de reparto de su propio drama, Historia clínica and ¿Cómo sabemos que Romeo está enamorado de Julieta?, Historias de corazón / Telefé
Ingrid Pelicori, Mi cuerpo, mi vida, Historias de corazón / Telefé
Julieta Diaz, Tita Merello, cuando yo me vaya, Historia clínica / Telefé
Marilu Marini, Tercero incluido, homenaje a teatro abierto / canal 7

Actor in a supporting role
Arturo Puig, Solamente vos / El Trece
Juan Minujín, Solamente vos / El Trece
Lito Cruz, Solamente vos / El Trece
Mario Pasik, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé and Farsantes / El Trece
Roberto Carnaghi, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7

Actress in a supporting role
Julieta Zylberberg, Farsantes / El Trece
Luisana Lopilato, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Mirtha Busnelli, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Norma Aleandro, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Vivian El Jaber, Farsantes / El Trece

Gonzalo Slipak, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Juan Pablo Geretto, Los vecinos en guerra / Telefé
Lola Poggio, Solamente vos / El Trece
María Luján Lamas, Farsantes / El Trece
Nicolás Francella, Aliados / Telefé

Author / Scriptwriter
Alejandro Maci and Esther Feldman, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Carolina Aguirre and Mario Segade, Farsantes / El Trece
Lily Ann Martin, Marta Betoldi and Daniel Cuparo, Solamente vos / El Trece

Alejandro Maci, En terapia, 2nd season / canal 7
Daniel Barone and Lucas Gil, Farsantes / El Trece
R. Antunez, C. Ferrari, J. Nisco, S. Pivotto and M. Saban, Solamente vos / El Trece

Musical theme
"Aliados", Peter Lanzani, Aliados / Telefé
"Puro teatro", Vicentico, Farsantes / El Trece
"Solamente vos", Coti, Solamente vos / El Trece

On Monday, April 7, Argentine channel Telefe presented its new program schedule for the upcoming year with the big gala event 'Todos Juntos 2014'. The biggest stars of the network were in attendance and shined on the red carpet at the Faena Arts Center of Puerto Madero.

Aliados opened the event, which was hosted by Marley. The network presented some of the new programs and reality shows, along with the new novelas of Telefe. 

Gustavo Bermúdez and Ana María Orozco presented their series ‘Somos familia’, while Joaquin Furriel, Luciano Castro, Luciano Cáceres and Peto Menahem presented a new trailer of ‘Sres Papis’.

Following the huge success of ‘Avenida Brasil’, Mexican duo Jesse y Joy were invited to sing one of the songs of the Spanish OST of the novela: ‘Llorar’. It was also announced that the Brazilian novela ‘Salve Jorge’ will soon premiere under the name ‘La Guerrera’. Brazilian miniseries ‘Amores Roubados’, starring Cauã Reymond, Murilo Benicio, Isis Valverde and Patricia Pillar, will also air this year.

One of the most exciting moments of the night was the presentation of ‘Camino al amor’, the new telenovela starring Sebastián Estevanez and Carina Zampini, the stars of ‘Dulce Amor’, which will soon be remade as ‘Hasta el fin del mundo’ in Mexico. Rodolfo Beban, Tina Serrano, Juan Darthés, Mariano Martínez, Eugenia Suárez, Sofía Reca, Sol Estevanez, Georgina Barbarossa, María Leal and Mercedes Funes were among the cast members of ‘Camino’ that were present at the event.

Photos from the event:

Ana María Orozco

Betina O´Connel

Carina Zampini

Cris Morena

Eugenia Suárez

Marcela Kloosterboer

Luciano Castro

Laura Esquivel

Julieta Díaz

Juan Darthés

Joaquín Furriel

Gustavo Bermúdez

Mariano Martínez, Sebastián Estevanez and Juan Darthés

Mariano Martínez and Sebastián Estevanez

Mariano Martínez 

Oriana Sabatini and Peter Lanzani

Sebastián Estevanez and Carina Zampini

Sebastián Estevanez

Vanesa González

Actress Maritza Rodríguez gave birth to her twin baby boys Akiva and Yehuda on Sunday night in Miami. They are the first babies of Rodríguez and husband Joshua Mintz, the executive vice president of scripted programming and general manager of Telemundo studios.

Although they were born a month earlier than planned, as Maritza’s due date was only in the middle of May, they are perfectly healthy. Rodríguez expressed her happiness in a recent interview: “I can’t explain the happiness I’m feeling. It’s indescribable. They’re the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.”

After becoming a mother for the first time, Maritza will take a break from her busy schedule as an actress to dedicate her time to her family. Prior to giving birth she revealed that she’s been taking some time for herself, doing what she loves: reading books, swimming and learning Kabbalah. Her last role was the crazy Teresa Cristina Palmer in ‘Marido en alquiler’.

The premiere of the play ‘Dos pícaros sinvergüenzas’, starring Pol-ka boss Adrián Suar and Guillermo Francella, seemed like an award show, as top Argentinian celebs crowded the Teatro Metropolitan Citi theatre to watch the show.

Among the colleagues and friends that attended the premiere were couples like Peter Lanzani and Martina Stoessel, Lali Espósito and Benjamín Amadeo, Carla Peterson and husband Martín Lousteau, Emilia Attias and husband Turco Naim, Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez, Gonzalo Heredia and Brenda Gandini, Osvaldo Laport and Viviana Sáez and Julieta Díaz and her husband. Suar’s wife, actress Griselda Siciliani, was excited to see the play and posed for pictures with his son Tomás.

Suar and Francella already starred the successful play ‘La cena de los tontos’, and may repeat the success with their play.

Check out the photos of the famous couples that attended the show:

Calu Rivero

Carla Peterson and Martín Lousteau

Emilia Attias and Turco Naim

 Eugenia Suárez 

Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez

Griselda Siciliani and Adrián Suar

Siciliani and Suar's son Tomás

Julieta Díaz and her husband

Lali Espósito and Benjamín Amadeo

Osvaldo Laport, wife Viviana Sáez and their daughter

 Peter Lanzani and Martina Stoessel