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Filming Begins for Televisa’s newest telenovela "De que te quiero, te quiero"

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Mexican producer Lucero Suárez and her team recently began the filming of the new telenovela "De que te quiero, te quiero", which will be protagonized by Livia Brito and Juan Diego Covarrubias. It will be the first time that both play the leading roles in a novela, and Suárez said she’s very happy to give a boost to their careers: “Of course I am, because they’re good actors, fresh faces, and very hardworking.”

Unlike many remakes that are normally produced by Televisa, this time it will be an original story written by Valentina Parraga, who also wrote "Amorcito corazón". The telenovela will be focused on three love stories.

Livia Brito will portray Natalia, a beautiful and tender girl who has many siblings, while Juan Diego Covarrubias will portray a pair of twins that fall in love with her. Her mother in the show will be played by Cynthia Klitbo, who owns an inn and has five children from different partners in the novela. Although she’s in love with her current boyfriend, her ex-boyfriends start appearing one by one, and that provoked many funny moments. In addition, Marisol del Olmo will play a woman who falls in love with a man who is 10 years younger than her.

Both Brito and Covarrubias are very excited to play the leading roles for the first time. Brito said: “of course I’m nervous because it’s my first leading role, but it’s the time to show what I’ve got and use wisely the opportunity given to me by the producer.”

Meanwhile, Covarrubias said that it will be a challenge to play a double role: “I’m both the protagonist and the antagonist. The story is very cool, it’s very clear, I’m very grateful to Lucero Suárez.”

"De que te quiero, te quiero" will begin airing in Mexico in June.

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