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Marimar Vega: The star of a Bollywood movie?

12:13 PMNovelas Radar

It seems that Marimar Vega is on the right track to becoming an internationally renowned actress. It was reported that she was offered to become the leading lady of a Bollywood movie.

In the movie, provisionally called “The Tourist”, she might play a young tourist who travels to India and has to deal with dangerous situations that put at risk her integrity and life. The film will be based on Scarlett Keeling’s true story. Keeling was a British tourist who was found dead with fifty wounds covering her body in Goa. 

In a few weeks, the Mexican actress is expected to travel to India for the first time to meet with the film’s producers in Bollywood, one of the largest centers of film production in the world. Although nothing has been set in stone, Vega is very happy with the way things are going. She declared to Reforma Newspaper: “I believe very much that everything happens in life for a reason and in the right moment. I had previously said that this year I wanted to make movies and this project comes at a perfect moment, when I can go [to India] without any previous commitments.”

Meanwhile, Vega is preparing for the premiere of her comic theater play ‘Vacas’ (Cows). Her latest telenovela project was TV Azteca’s 'Amor Cautivo'.

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