Altair Jarabo Mentir para vivir

Altair Jarabo is anticipating the premiere of 'Mentir para Vivir'

9:32 AMNovelas Radar

Mexican actress Altair Jarabo is nervously anticipating the premiere of her upcoming telenovela 'Mentir para Vivir' on May 27. She will play Raquel, the main villain in the novela, which will be starred by David Zepeda and Mayrín Villanueva.

She recently spoke about the intense working schedule while filming the show in Sonora and complimented the team of producer Rosy Ocampo for helping and pampering the actors all the time. Although fortunately everybody is doing fine, everybody is having a hard time getting used to the intense rhythm of filming. Although the actress has been having a hard time getting used to the high temperatures of the region, she said that she can endure it in order to make this anticipated telenovela a success that is loved by the public.

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