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Jon Ecker accompanies Bárbara Mori to the theatre

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Although it has been known that they’re an item for some time now, actors Jon Ecker (29) and Bárbara Mori (34) are in no hurry to confirm the status of their relationship. After finishing filming the series ‘Gossip Girl Acapulco’, Ecker took some time to accompany his girl to the last show of the play ‘Vacas’, starred by Marimar Vega, Paty Garza and Francisco Cardoso. Although they went to the event together, they tried to not stand out in front of the press that was there, but couldn’t really hide that there is something special that is going on between them.

Ecker and Mori have known each other for more than three years. Although they were seen several times together in public, they prefer not to talk about their relationship, but it is very obvious that such an attractive couple constantly attracts the attention of the public and the press. In an interview held in May, when Ecker was asked about Mori, he said: “We have many friends in common, but that’s all. I don’t like all the gossip.”

Although nothing is confirmed, it is more than certain that the two share a special bond and that they look amazing together. Currently Jon interprets Nico de La Vega in the Mexican telenovela ‘Gossip Girl Acapulco’, and Bárbara is preparing a new series for Fox and also getting ready for her next movie, which will tell the story of Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" and where she’ll portray the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

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