Corazón indomable Ingrid Martz

Ingrid Martz joins 'Corazón Indomable'

9:31 AMNovelas Radar

Ingrid Martz has announced via her twitter account that she will soon join the cast of the successful Mexican telenovela 'Corazón Indomable': “I want to tell you all that I’m happy because I’m going to join 'Corazón Indomable' with a great character, about which I will tell you later. Have a wonderful day.”

Martz also recently participated in the series 'Nueva Vida', which deals with the different aspect of pregnancy and giving birth. Her latest telenovela was ‘La que no podia amar’ back in 2011.

Without a doubt, we will soon see her shine once again in 'Corazón Indomable'.

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