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Alejandro Fernández and Christina Aguilera to sing the musical theme of ‘La Tempestad’

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In a radio interview for the program "Todo para la Mujer", Salvador Mejía, the producer of one of the most anticipated telenovelas of this year, confirmed that Alejandro Fernández and Christina Aguilera will sing the main song of ‘La Tempestad’. He revealed that the song is already recorded, and that it will be very popular, vibrant and romantic. 

Alejandro Fernández had previously collaborated with superstar Beyoncé, as they both sang the main theme for Telemundo’s 2007 telenovela ‘Zorro, La Espada y la Rosa’, named "Amor Gitano".

He knows that it will be difficult for the public to adjust to a new telenovela in the time slot of the very popular ‘Amores Verdaderos’ and that it’s a big challenge to produce a series that will surpass its popularity. Nevertheless, he is confident in his newest telenovela, which he describes as very international, strong and complicated.

Official promotion for ‘La Tempestad’ began this past weekend. “We want to see if the public is already ready for the storm (‘La Tempestad’) that is on its way, and will be aired on 9:15pm on channel 2”, declared the producer. This new exciting telenovela, starring William Levy and Ximena Navarrete, will begin airing on May 13.

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