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Sebastian Rulli and Sherlyn get married in ‘Amores Verdaderos’

3:47 PMNovelas Radar

‘Amores Verdaderos’ is in its last weeks and the drama is heating up. Recently, the loyal fans of Nikki and Guzmán had to watch another obstacle in the way of their favorite couple’s happy end: Guzmán and Liliana got married.

Sebastián Rulli, Guzmán in the telenovela, said: “It’s nice that the viewers will be surprised as we’re nearing the end, and regarding her character, obviously we can say that perseverance is the key to success.”

Sherlyn, who portrays Liliana, said: ”After all that suffering and crying, I finally convinced him. I like dressing up as a bride because you go through the ritual of a normal wedding: the makeup, the high heels, it all fascinates me. I got married about 16 times in fiction, so every time it’s different and each time there’s a more handsome husband. I hope that the last one will manage to surpass Rulli.”

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