Florencia de Saracho La Mujer del Vendaval

Florencia de Saracho to tie the knot today in Acapulco

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Mexican actress Florencia de Saracho and fiancée Santiago Aguirre will tie the knot today in Acapulco, accompanied by friends and family. The actress had previously announced that after her current telenovela ‘La Mujer del Vendaval’, where she portrays villain Laura Morales, she will temporary retire from acting after 11 years of acting career. She is planning to dedicate herself fully to her family and to her future husband after her wedding. 

She said: “In my 11 years of acting career I’ve played many kinds of roles: the good girl, the bad girl, the stupid girl, the rebel… It’s very important for an actress to portray different roles. I was saying that after ten telenovelas I would retire. I didn’t know if I would get married or not, but I wanted to build a family. I’ve done 11 already, but I’m already tired. I didn’t have a private life, it was all about working, being in sets, but there’s a moment when you want some privacy, be with your husband at home.”

Altair Jarabo, Laura Carmine, José Ron, Ariadne Díaz, Carlos De La Mota and Michelle Ramaglia are among the stars that will attend the wedding.

Besides ‘La Mujer del Vendaval’, de Saracho is also known for playing many popular supporting roles like Natalia in ‘Amor bravío’ and Adriana in ‘Cuando me enamoro’.

The beautiful and excited bride to be shared the following photos with fans via her twitter account:

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