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Natalia Oreiro and son Merlín Atahualpa accompany Ricardo Mollo in a charity music festival

9:54 AMNovelas Radar

Thousands of people gathered in front of Buenos Aires’ planetarium during the musical festival that was held there on April 7th in order to support the victims of the floods in Rio de La Plata. Many famous Argentinian rock bands played during this important event, and among them was Divididos, the group of Ricardo Mollo, who is Natalia Oreiro’s husband of more than ten years.

Natalia and son Merlín Atahualpa (1) accompanied Mollo during the festival. As Mollo was singing and playing the guitar, the little Merlín escaped from his mother’s arms and got up on stage. At the end of the event, about 28 tons of donations were collected. Oreiro is currently playing Aurora in the super successful series ‘Solamente Vos’.

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