Aventurera Malillany Marín

Marlene Favela is out of "Aventurera", Malillany Marín chosen as the new Elena Tejero

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After many speculations, it was announced that Cuban actress Malillany Marín (Que bonito amor, Dos hogares) will be the one to become Mexico’s newest "Aventurera". Although Susana González was supposed to get the desired role, which had been previously played by actresses like Edith González, Itatí Cantoral and Maribel Guardia, she left the production because she was hospitalized due to bronchopneumonia. It is still uncertain whether González will return to the show after her recovery.

Malillany, together with the rest of the show’s cast, which includes Sergio Goyri, Carmen Salinas, Gómez Cruz, Francisco Gattorno and Ariel Miramontes, will present the newest version of the famous stage production starting from May 10 in the Kimbara show center.

It was also reported that one of the strongest candidates to become the new Elena Tejero was none other than Marlene Favela. However, according to Hilda Isa Salas, when she was about to sign the contract, she reportedly contacted a certain gossip magazine in order to make public the big news. Therefore, it was reported that the producers of the show, including Carmen Salinas, were very angry and decided to cancel her participation.

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