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Novela Pages: Marido en Alquiler [Part I]

9:05 AMNovelas Radar

Marido en Alquiler/My Dear Handyman

Telemundo/ 9pm/8c
Original run: July 9, 2013-January 13,2014
Originally written by Aguinaldo Silva
Adaptation for Telemundo by Perla Farías

Behind her dirty overalls and toolbox is a woman unlike any other: forceful, spirited - possessing a quiet beauty and rock-solid values.

She is Griselda. Ms. Carrasco. She is the “Husband for Rent”. And this is her wonderful story, the story of a woman who has changed for good the lives of all those around her.

Griselda Carrasco is a strong and determined woman, who has faced life’s difficulties by coping with all situations by her strong moral ethics. She takes care of three children and a grandson all on her own since her husband, Jose Antonio, disappeared at sea 15 years ago. Without losing her enthusiasm and zest for life, she has devoted herself to doing what she knows how to do best: plumbing and roof repairs, wiring and painting. She is the “Husband for Rent”.

So here we have Griselda in a brightly colored van, going from one end of Miami to the other, and destined to run into Teresa Cristina, a well-bred lady, who is arrogant and apt to do outrageous things. She is married to Reinaldo, the famous chef of the Gourmet Palmer restaurant. He is a good-hearted man, but is incapable of changing a flat tire. Reinaldo will become intrigued, if not bewitched, by Griselda, the woman who fixes this problem in no time at all.

What Griselda doesn’t know is that her son Antonio is dating Patricia, the daughter of Reinaldo, and Teresa Cristina – who in the end will become her worst enemy. To her great surprise, and disappointment, Griselda discovers that Antonio has introduced his future in-laws to a woman who goes by the name of Giselle, an actress he has hired to play the part of his mother. He hires her because she comes across as a woman of high social status. Reinaldo’s heart breaks when he sees how devastated Griselda is by this.

But Griselda’s luck changes overnight when she wins the lottery jackpot: 43 million dollars. From that moment on, her life will never be the same, although she remains faithful to her beliefs and values.

Having gotten a makeover, Ms. Carrasco creates a network of female Husbands for Rent.
Her fortune also attracts other opportunists, beginning with Jose Antonio, who returns from the dead when he finds out that his wife is now a millionaire.

Unfortunately for Teresa Cristina, Griselda moves into a mansion in the same luxurious neighborhood that she lives in. She now has to put up with the person she most despises, as her neighbor. Teresa Cristina wages war on Griselda, without imagining that Reinaldo, who is sick of her lies, is going to abandon her and pursue Griselda, whom he has fallen deeply in love with. At Griselda’s side, the handsome chef will once more embrace the values of friendship, love and family, which he has always believed in.

Sonya Smith - Griselda Carrasco
Juan Soler - Reinaldo Ibarra
Maritza Rodríguez - Teresa Cristina Palmer de Ibarra
Miguel Varoni - José Salinas
Gabriel Coronel - Antonio Salinas Carrasco
Kimberly Dos Ramos - Patricia Ibarra Palmer
Roberto Manrique - Kike Salinas Carrasco
Ricardo Chávez - Gabriel Rodríguez
Pablo Azar - Rafael Álamo
Ana Carolina Grajales – Amalia Salinas Carrasco
Paulo Quevedo - Juan Pablo Palmer
Sandra Destenave - Esther Salas de Palmer
Ariel Texido - Rosario Flores 'Ro'
Daniela Navarro - Bárbara
Alba Roversi - Maria Iris de Silva
José Guillermo Cortines - Máximo Durán 
Maite Embil - Celeste Porras
Ismael La Rosa - Simón
Víctor Corona - Manuel Porras
Dad Dager - Paloma Ramos
Gabriel Valenzuela - Fernando
Adrián Carvajal  - Daniel
Lino Martone - Elio
Jalymar Salomon - Clara
Anthony López - Iván Rouge
Adriana Lavat - Marcela
Sandra Eichler - Alba
María del Pilar Pérez - Vanessa
Sol Rodríguez - Sol Porras
Ahrid Hannaly - Beatriz
Gustavo Pedraza
Luis Alvarez - Leonardo
Nadia Escobar - Elsa
Emmanuel Pérez - Kikito


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