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Paola Núñez talks about her new telenovela ‘Destino’

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TV Azteca’s new telenovela ‘Destino’ starring Paola Núñez, Mauricio Islas & Margarita Gralia, and produced and written by an excellent production team, will finally premiere on April 8th.

TV Notas interviewed one of its protagonists, Paola Núñez, and we bring you the translated interview. She was asked about her new role ‘Valeria’, and as well about her previous role ‘Bárbara’ of 'Amor en Custodia' (2005), TV Azteca’s version of the original Argentinian novela with the same name, which was once again remade, this time by Televisa, as ‘Amores Verdaderos’.

The countdown for ‘Destino’ to air has already begun. How are you feeling?
-“Yes, it finally began. It’s a novela where everything is well prepared and it’s been a while since I worked in a project with such a great quality.”

You’re playing a girl who will have many conflict, it’s a very intense story…
-“Well, yes. It’s a complicated story, and many things are happening all the time. Many kinds of things happen to the protagonist and she’s a girl who has a hard time dealing with them. It’s definitely a challenge because I’m not like that.”

After 'Pasión Morena', how did you find your way to this project?
-“After 'Pasión Morena' I decided to take a break in my career. After three years, it was time to come back to the television, I was eager. Then this project came to me and I accepted.”

What do you like the best about your character?
-“Definitely, Valeria is different in comparison to everything that I’ve done and I like this a lot. She doesn’t have anything to do with my other characters, like Bárbara of 'Amor en Custodia', who was a spoiled rich girl.”

 How does it feel working again with Margarita Gralia, who played your mother in 'Amor en Custodia' and will now be your rival?
-“It’s very funny because she is really like my mom. We have a very good relationship. I admire her and I’m proud to work with her again.”

Speaking of 'Amor en Custodia', have you seen the new version?
-“(Laughing) Yes, I saw it once because people nagged me so much to see it. I only watched a few minutes, not all the episode, but it’s very different in comparison to our version and it’s cool that each one has its own style.”

What do you thing about Eiza González, that’s playing your character?
-“I think she’s fantastic, she is very pretty and she’s doing a great job. Her version of the role is very nice and I like it that every actress gives her own special touch to the role of Barbie.”

Are you afraid of the comparisons?
-“To be honest, no. Each of us does her job and she’s perfect in this role.“

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