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Brazilian celebrities celebrate the annual kissing day

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On Saturday the 13th the annual kissing day was celebrated in Brazil, and some of our favorite actors decided to share the love with their fans via social networks like Instagram and uploaded some very romantic and passionate photos to commemorate this special date.

Carolina Dieckmann shared with fans a photo from her wedding with director Tiago Worcman.

Danielle Winits uploaded a photo of her getting a smooch from footballer boyfriend Amaury Nunes with the caption “everyday kiss”.

Actress Paloma Bernardi shared a romantic photo with her fans. She uploaded a photo of herself kissing boyfriend, actor Thiago Martins, along with a citation from Sandy e Junior’s song "Beijo é bom" (kisses are good).

Thiago Martins also uploaded a photo and wrote: “We work with kisses. Happy Kissing Day, although I think that this day is every day.”

Mariana Rios shared a photo of her with singer boyfriend Di Ferrero.

Vera Viel posted a romantic photo of herself kissing husband, actor Rodrigo Faro. The couple has three daughters.

Perola Faria shared a photo of her and boyfriend Maurício Mussalli and wrote: “Happy Kissing Day!”

Actress Carlos Castro posted a photo of her and model boyfriend Raphael Sander with the caption: “Kiss is the place to be at.”

Giovanna Antonelli also sent a kiss to her fans.

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