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Carolina Dieckmann to play a wife who becomes the prisoner of her husband in ‘Joia Rara’

4:07 PMNovelas Radar

After portraying Jessica, a woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking in ‘Salve Jorge’, Carolina Dieckmann will soon play again a very controversial character. Her next series will be the upcoming 6pm novela ‘Joia Rara’, where she will personify Iolanda, a woman who has to suffer a great deal as she becomes the prisoner of her violent husband. Although she is in love with Mundo, played by Domingos Montagner, she will have to marry an older and dangerous man named Ernest, played by José de Abreu, because of her father’s debts. She will not only be constantly humiliated by her husband, but she’ll also have to suffer because of the tyranny of Frau Gertrude, played by Zezé Polessa, who is the evil housekeeper of the house.

‘Joia Rara’ will be written by Duca Rachid and Thelma Guedes and directed by Amora Mautner. It is expected to premiere in September on Globo.

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