Carmen Villalobos Mexico

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo enjoy a romantic trip in Mexico

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Lately actress Carmen Villalobos (Made In Cartagena, Mi Corazón Insiste) has been filming in Mexico her latest Telemundo series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, set to air later in 2013, where she will portray Leonor Ballesteros.  Despite her intense working schedule, she recently took some time off to enjoy the beautiful sights of Mexico.

In the company of her mother and boyfriend, Colombian actor Sebastian Caicedo, with whom she's been dating for more than four years, she traveled to beautiful historic places like Xochimilco and Teotihuacan. 

She shared some photos with her fans via her twitter account:

“Yesterday in the traditional Xochimilco in Mexico with my mom and my @JUSECALO.”

“Here another photo with my mom enjoying ourselves in Xochimilco”

“Remembering our visit to Teotihuacan with my bb @JUSECALO… Simply magical!!!”

“What a wonderful place! This way or more charged with the best energy?”

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