Ana Layevska Dama y Obrero

Ana Layevska to become the protagonist of Telemundo’s new telenovela

3:44 PMNovelas Radar

After portraying the memorable Patty Milano in last year’s ‘Relaciones Peligrosas’, Mexican actress Ana Layevska is preparing for her return to telenovela-land. She will reportedly become the star of Telemundo’s newest telenovela, which will be a remake of the Chilean series 'Dama y Obrero'.

It’s still not defined who will be her leading man in the new show, and two of the candidates are Manuel Sosa and José Luis Reséndez. The villain of the show is rumored to be played by Fabián Ríos. Reséndez and Layevska had previously played a couple in the memorable ‘La Madrastra’. Ana had also collaborated with Ríos in ‘El Fantasma de Elena’. It will be her first leading role for Telemundo after portraying mainly villains.

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