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‘Vecinos en Guerra’ beats out ‘Solamente Vos’ in the ratings battle

6:48 AMNovelas Radar

The first episode of long awaited series ‘Vecinos en Guerra’, starring Diego Torres and Eleonora Wexler, premiered yesterday on Telefé and presented to the viewers the beginning of the love triangle between Mecha, husband Rafael and former boyfriend and partner in crime Alex. After discovering that Alex is planning to move in to her current neighborhood with his new family, the neighbor war is set to start and provide the viewers a lot of funny scenes and situations.

Apparently, the real ‘war’ was going on behind the stage, as everybody was anxious to see which of the telenovelas will lead the ratings. ‘Vecinos‘ drew an impressive 23.6% on its debut episode. Meanwhile, its time slot competitor ‘Solamente Vos’ came in second place with 15.6%.

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