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Ricardo Montaner to sing the musical theme of ‘Mentir para vivir’

6:20 AMNovelas Radar

After speculations about the identity of the singer of the main musical theme of Rosy Ocampo’s upcoming telenovela by Televisa ‘Mentir para vivir’, it was revealed that Argentine-born singer Ricardo Montaner was chosen to sing it.
Some even believed that the novela’s star David Zepeda will be the one to sing the main song, but in the end, it wasn’t meant to happen. Nevertheless, perhaps Zepeda will sing one of the songs in the show’s soundtrack or the ending song for the telenovela. 

Montaner had lent his voice to many telenovela themes in the past, with songs like “Volver” from the 2009 Argentine novela ‘Valientes’. Meanwhile, many fans are expecting the premiere of the much anticipated ‘Mentir para vivir’ starring David Zepeda and Mayrín Villanueva on May 24th, replacing ‘Qué bonito amor’.

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