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'Amores Verdaderos' , the telenovela that most Mexicans prefer, while Lucero is considered to be the queen of Mexican telenovelas

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Recently an interesting telenovela-related poll was conducted by the cabinet of strategic communication in Mexico in order to find out more about the viewing habits of the Mexicans. According to the poll’s results, about 45% of the viewers normally watch one telenovela every day. More than 40% watch two or three novelas every day, and about 7% watch five novelas. 

Regarding their preferred television company, 75% of the interviewees declared that they watch the telenovelas of Televisa, while 15% prefer the novelas of TV Azteca. 91% said that they prefer Mexican telenovelas over foreign ones.

When asked about the ‘queen’ of the telenovelas, Lucero was the actress with most, and was followed by Thalía, Victoria Ruffo, Edith González, Verónica Castro, Angélica María, Adela Noriega, Angélica Aragón and Angélica Rivera.

‘Cuna de lobos’ was chosen as the most memorable telenovelas, followed by ‘El vuelo del águila’, ‘Amor real’, ‘Los ricos también lloran’ and ‘Corazón Salvaje’. Other memorable novelas were ‘Mirada de Mujer’ ‘Amor en Custodia’, ‘Amores Verdaderos’, ‘Teresa’, ‘Rosa Salvaje’, ‘Corona de Lágrimas’, ‘María Mercedes’ and ‘Simplemente María’.

Regarding the current novelas, ‘Amores Verdaderos’ was chosen as the novela that most Mexicans currently prefer, followed by ‘Porque el amor manda’, ‘Corazón Indomable’, ‘La Mujer del Vendaval’ and ‘Qué bonito amor’.

William Levy was selected as the leading man most loved by the female audiences. He was followed by Sebastián Rulli, Eduardo Yáñez, Fernando Colunga and David Zepeda. The leading woman that the male audience prefers is Lucero, followed by Angelique Boyer.

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