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Stars of ‘Sangue Bom’ reunite in São Paulo to launch the telenovela

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The upcoming Brazilian telenovela ‘Sangue Bom’ will first air on April 29 at 7pm and its cast and crew reunited at Espaço Imperatriz in São Paulo to present this anticipated series to the press and to the public. Most of the actors looked spectacular as they wore black and dark gowns and costumes for this glamorous event.

The opening song of the novela will be a remake of the song “Toda forma de amor” (originally by Lulu Santos), by group Sambô. The whole event was inspired by floral elements and also by elements of graffiti and skating.

The protagonists of the telenovela, which is written by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari and directed by Dennis Carvalho and Carlos Araújo, are Sophie Charlotte, Marco Pigossi, Isabelle Drummond, Humberto Carrão, Jayme Matarazzo and Fernanda Vasconcellos. With six young protagonists on board, one of the show’s aims is to attract to young public. It will deal with issues like success in life and the means to achieve it.

Other actors who participate in the telenovela are Malu Mader, Marisa Orth, Giulia Gam, Herson Capri, Deborah Evelyn, Mayana Neiva, Regiane Alves and Letícia Isnard.

Sophie Charlotte, who will play Amora, will also celebrate her birthday on April 29, the premiere date of the show. She said: “Do you know when the masks fall? Amora will deal with it. She lives in a glamorous world, but deep inside she’s not doing well. Don’t forget to check out the premiere of the show on the 29 of April, which is also my birthday.”

Humberto Carrão, who will play a villain, said: “Fabinho wants to become and wants to have. He’s got the impression that the world ows something to him.”

Fernanda Vasconcellos declared: “Malu is a character that has inspired me a lot as a human being. I would like to meet more people like that in my life.”

Meanwhile, Marco Pigossi said: “I studied about flowers and plantations during three months in São Paulo. My mom worked in this field and I always observed her, but never really got involved. Now, everywhere I go, I really pay attention to the flowers.”

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