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Novela Pages: Reina de Corazones

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The story takes place in Las Vegas, where Reina Ortiz (Paola Núñez), a humble woman who works as a seamstress, dreams of becoming rich and getting married wearing an elaborate wedding dress like the ones she makes. She has to work hard to pay for the expenses of her stepmother and sister, who use her for their selfish needs.
Nicolás Núñez (Eugenio Siller) is a parking valet that likes to gamble. He meets Reina for the first time at Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo’s (Catherine Siachoque) wedding. They mistakenly think that the other is rich, and lie to each other, but end up finding out about the real financial status of each. They fall in love and decide to get married.
But on their wedding day, they are separated by ambition and revenge. Víctor de Rosas (Juan Soler), a wealthy mobster, sends his men to kill Nicolás, who beat him at poker.
Nicolás wakes up from his coma, but finds out he’ll have to go to jail because of Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo’s manipulations. She was an actress who participated in erotic movies and inherited a fortune. Obsessed with Nicolás, she makes him believe it was Reina who set him up. Meanwhile, Reina is left alone and pregnant, thinking that Nicolás is dead.
Víctor de Rosas is obsessed with Reina and after 8 years manages go convince her to marry him. He doesn’t know that Reina only pretends she loves him, but her real intention is to seek revenge and destroy the man that supposedly killed the love of her life. She discovers the world of poker, where she is now called Reina de Corazones (Queen of Hearts).
Nicolás becomes a secret agent and changes his name to Javier Bolívar. On their way out of the church on her wedding day with Victor, Reina notices Javier and runs after him. But she is hit by a car. When she wakes up, she has amnesia and can’t remember 8 years of her life.


Paola Núñez - Reina Ortiz / Reina de Corazones
Eugenio Siller - Javier Bolívar / Nicolás Núñez
Juan Soler - Víctor de Rosas
Catherine Siachoque - Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo
Laura Flores – Agent Smith
Wanda D'Isidoro - Susanna Santillana
Gabriel Coronel - Frank Marino
Paulo Quevedo - Isidro Castillo
Carlos Ferro - Lázaro Leiva
Rosalinda Rodríguez - Carmen de Ortiz
Priscila Perales - Delfina Ortiz
Ezequiel Montalt - Juan "Rocky" Balboa
María Luisa Flores - Connie Leiva
Paloma Márquez - Miriam
Thali García - Camila de Rosas
Henry Zakka - Octavio de Rosas
Alberto Barros Jr. - Sicario
Pablo Azar - Juanjo
Geraldine Galvan - Greta de Rosas
Sebastián Ferrat - Christian Palacios
Guido Massri - Damian
Nicole Apollonio - Clara de Rosas
Emmanuel Pérez - Roman
Sergio Mur - Fernando San Juan / Patricio Picaso
Raul Arrieta - Andrés Hidalgo
Marisa del Portillo - Asunción Gomez


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