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A mass held to celebrate the arrival of ‘La Tempestad’

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On April 4th a mass was held in the filming studios of Televisa to celebrate, bless and fill with good vibes the production of one of the most anticipated telenovelas of 2013, ‘La Tempestad’, which will replace ‘Amores Verdaderos’ and premiere on May 13th at 9:30pm on Canal de las Estrellas.

The leading actors of the series are William Levy, who will play Captain Damian Fabre, and Ximena Navarrete, who will portray Ana Bella de la Vega Mendoza.  The telenovela will be a remake of ‘La Tormenta’ (Telemundo), originally by Kiko Olivieri, and will be adapted by Liliana Abud.  

Probably the most surprising things about the event was seeing William Levy without the polemic hair extensions that attracted so much attention a few weeks ago when the first photos from filming were released. Most of the cast was present at the event, and everyone paid great attention to the priest’s words. In addition, actress Daniela Romo, who will portray Mercedes Vival, the widow of Saldaña, read a few word on stage. 

William Levy said, "Ximena Navarrete is an amazing girl, and Iván Sánchez has a great energy what will be noticed in ‘La Tempestad’". Meanwhile, Navarrete declared that she’s feeling very happy and working a lot. She said that she’s giving all she’s got and dedicated herself completely to the show. 

Cesar Évora, who will portray Fulgencio Olivares, stated that he’s sure that the telenovela will achieve great success and will be loved by the public, “It’s a very beautiful, strong, modern and dynamic story. We will see the sea, ships, a lot of adventure and much more.”

Photos of William Levy, Ximena Navarrete, Iván Sánchez, Cesar Évora, Arturo Carmona and Daniela Romo at the event were uploaded to the show’s twitter account.

(photos by @LaTempestad2013)

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