Alicia en el país de María Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori is ready to unleash her dark side with 'Alicia en el país de María'

2:09 PMNovelas Radar

Any actor will normally be thrilled to participate in a movie, and Bárbara Mori is no different. She is completely excited about her new movie project 'Alicia en el país de María', set to be released in May. The movie was directed by Jesús Magaña and filmed in the streets of Mexico City. Her costars are Stephanie Sigman and Claudio Lafarga.

Mori revealed that María’s character experiences a complex psychological disorder and that she became very attached to the script. "It’s crazy. It’s a romantic fantasy love story, where I play the role of María, a woman that is searching herself and that gets to discover her darker sides while at it, and it drives her to the brink of madness.” 

Although she already interpreted strong and complex characters like Rubi, she revealed that portraying María was the first time in her career that she had the chance to discover such darks sides of the personality: “She’s not the antagonist here. She is a human being with a lot of defects. We all have our dark side and sometimes we need to experiment it. With some care, of course. Because it’s a fictional story, I unleashed this side.”

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