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Marcela Kloosterboer to extend her participation in ‘Vecinos en Guerra’

4:10 PMNovelas Radar

The new series ‘Vecinos en Guerra’ is doing very well in Argentina, and one of the characters that attracted the public’s attention is Carolina, played by Marcela Kloosterboer. Carolina’s crazy antics definitely gained the love of the public, and especially the support of the teenagers. She recently had a very polemic and entertaining scene where she seduces Rafa (Diego Torres), who is married to Mecha (Eleonora Wexler).

Although Marcela was only supposed to stay in the series for a short time, due to her character’s success, she was asked by the show’s producers to extend her participation in this comic series. This means that we will probably get to see her doing even crazier stuff in the future. ‘Vecinos en Guerra’ is aired on Monday to Thursday on 9:30pm on Telefe.

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