David Zepeda Mentir para vivir

David Zepeda sings for ‘Mentir para Vivir’

3:48 PMNovelas Radar

The cast of upcoming Mexican novela ‘Mentir para Vivir’ is currently working hard while filming the series, which will premiere on May 27. Meanwhile, the show’s production team is also preparing the soundtrack for the telenovela. The novela’s protagonist David Zepeda, who launched his singing career last year with the single ‘Talismán’, requested producer Rosy Ocampo to sing in the novela. She said that she liked Zepeda’s enthusiasm and accepted his request without any problems. It was decided that he will sing three songs for the series: 'Volverte a Enamorar', 'Estoy Soñando' and 'Rescátame mi amor'. With such romantic names for the songs, there is no doubt that will continue to enamor the fans not only through his acting, but also through his songs.

In spite of his busy schedule, he is also dedicating a lot of time to the recording of his debut CD, which is expected to be released next year. It will be recorded in Los Angeles and musical producer Carlos Lara will be in charge of the recording. 

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