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Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto are a couple?

2:04 PMNovelas Radar

Although neither of them has confirmed the romance, it seems that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto are indeed a couple. Many fans were surprised after a magazine revealed that Colunga and Soto are maintaining a relationship, and actress Carmen Salinas has confirmed that the two have been an item since starring the telenovela ‘Porque el amor manda’.

The veteran actress said: “It’s old news, they’ve been together since the novela, ever since then they were lovebirds. Why not? She’s single and he’s single. Since then they began a solid relationship”.

Although neither of the actors actually confirmed the relationship, Salinas said: “They were always very affectionate one with another. I didn’t see anything, but I imagined it.”

A popular magazine revealed earlier this week that both actors began their relationship a month and a half ago and that they already live together in Colunga’s lavish mansion in Miami. The source that revealed the sizzling information said: “In deed, one more time Fernando falls in love with one of his costars. In the past, he maintained relationships with Thalía and Aracely Arámbula, with whom he worked in ‘María la del barrio’ and ‘Abrázame muy fuerte’, respectively. And now, how could he not fall in love with Blanca Soto, who is such a charming woman, who is also as tall as he, and is very classy.” The source added: “Their romance has advanced very much, and they are even living together in Miami, a place where they’re usually at when they’re not filming a project in Mexico.”

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