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Novela Pages: Mi corazón es tuyo

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Ana Leal is a joyful and optimistic woman. She is happy because she has just received the deeds to her house, a small property that she and her best friend, Jennifer, could buy with huge efforts. However, disaster hits her home and Ana loses everything she owns. Simultaneously, we get to meet Fernando Lascuráin, a renowned business man who is remembering with sadness the first anniversary of his wife's death. Fernando is the father of seven kids: Fanny, Nando, Alicia, Sebastián, the twins Alex and Guille, and little Luz. These seven “little children” have managed to make life miserable to dozens of nanny´s that have walked by the Lascuráin mansion. However, Fernando compulsory needs a nanny that looks after his children. Desperate for the terrible situation she is going through, Ana seems compelled to ask Doroteo for financial help. He owns the bar called “Chicago”, a night club for gentlemen where Ana and Jennifer work. However, he gives her a loan in return for Ana to sign a contract that forces her to keep singing at the bar every night.

Two of Ana's biggest dreams are becoming a famous actress and starting a family, but her boyfriend, Johnny, who is also her manager, rather than helping her seems to be holding her back, additionally to be constantly running away from commitment. Shortages and the necessity to get ahead in life lead Ana to look for a second job. Her lack of experience and her unfinished studies complicate the process for her to find a steady job. However, destiny has prepared something for her… By a confusion, Ana ends up going to the Lascuráin Mansion ignoring that she will find there everything she has ever dreamed. Ana immediately hits it off with Luz, and she will help the little girl recover speech. However, the other kids try to make her life impossible so that she quits just like the other nannies have. When Ana meets Fernando, an “electric” current takes place between them, despite of being opposite poles, the attraction is inevitable.

As a nanny, Ana overcomes every challenge and obstacle the children put in front of her. She sympathizes with their pain for their mother's loss, and with love, laughter, and games she will give joy back to them. As for Fernando, he must overcome more complicated obstacles, like Isabela, an educated, refined woman that was trained by her mother to catch a millionaire. Her target: Fernando Lascuráin. The brains tell Fernando that Isabella is the best candidate, but his heart points at Ana, that free and spontaneous woman who has awakened passion in him again. Ana, on the other hand, will go through a strong confusion when she meets Diego, Fernando's younger brother, an adventurer and liberal-minded man who will try to steal her heart. The love between Ana and Fernando is inevitable, but they will need a strong heart that can help them overcome each and every misunderstanding destiny has prepared for them.

Silvia Navarro - Ana Leal
Jorge Salinas - Fernando Lascuráin Borbolla
Mayrín Villanueva - Isabela Vázquez De Castro
Adrián Uribe - Juan "Johnny" Gutiérrez
Paulina Goto - Estefanía "Fanny" Lascuráin Díez
Carmen Salinas - Yolanda De Castro vda. de Vázquez
Rafael Inclán - Nicolás Lascuráin
Pablo Montero - Diego Lascuráin Borbolla
Polo Morín - Fernando "Nando" Lascuráin Díez
Fabiola Campomanes - Jennifer Rodríguez
Rene Casados - Bruno Gómez
Juan Pablo Gil - León González
Beatriz Morayra - Manuela
Emilio Osorio - Sebastián Lascuráin Diez
Isidora Vives - Alicia Lascuráin Diez
Lisardo - Enrique
Jose Pablo Alanis - Guillermo "Guille" Lascuráin Diez
Jose Manuel Alanis - Alejandro "Alex" Lascuráin Diez
Isabella Tena - Luz Lascuráin Diez
Karla Gomez - Estefanía Diez de Lascuraín
Margarita Vega - Natalia
Daniela Cordero - Ximena Lujan Landeros
Claudia Godínez - Rafaela Lorenzo-Gaspar
Karla Farfán - Laura
Raul Buenfil - Doroteo Bustamante
Norma Herrera - Soledad


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