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Novela Pages: Yo no creo en los hombres

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‘Yo no creo en los hombres’ portrays the story of a woman who stops trusting men after being cruelly betrayed. María Dolores (Adriana Louvier) is a beautiful and poor young woman. After her dad is tragically killed during an assault, she meets Maximiliano Bustamante (Gabriel Soto), a good looking lawyer that offers her his help. Although they are attracted to each other, they are romantically involved with others.

He is engaged to Maleny Santibáñez (Sophie Alexander), a rich and spoiled socialite who cheats on him. Meanwhile, María Dolores begins a relationship with Daniel (Flavio Medina), a shameless bon vivant who takes advantage of her good heart and lies to her. Julián, a friend of María Dolores, tries to protect her after Daniel tries to rape her, but Daniel ends up killing him and blames María Dolores for the crime.

The miserable María Dolores is imprisoned and gives birth in jail. Her son is taken away by Daniel and Ivana, his new wife. Maximiliano decides to become María Dolores’ lawyer and takes her case. They both end up falling in love, but Ivana plots to separate them. Eventually María Dolores regains her freedom and decides to take revenge against her enemies and regain her son and the love of her life.

The plot is based on the original version by Caridad Bravo Adams, with a free version by Aida Guajardo.

Adriana Louvier - María Dolores
Gabriel Soto - Maximiliano Bustamante
Alejandro Camacho - Claudio Bustamante
Flavio Medina - Daniel Santibáñez
Rosa María Bianchi – Úrsula, widow of Santibáñez
Sophie Alexander - Maleny Santibáñez
Luz María Jerez -Alma de Bustamante
Fabiola Guajardo - Isela
Azela Robinson - Josefa
Sonia Franco - Ivana
Estefania Villarreal - Doris
Eleane Puell - Clara
Lenny de la Rosa - Ari
Miguel Garza - Dr. Linares


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