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‘Qué pobres tan ricos’ begins filming

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Rosy Ocampo’s newest production ‘Qué pobres tan ricos’ has recently began filming in set and in several locations in Mexico City. In addition, promotional videos that will be aired soon were also filmed.

Ocampo is very enthusiastic about this new project, where she’ll be collaborating with Jaime Camil for the fourth time (their previous novelas together were 'Las tontas no van al cielo’, ‘La fea más bella’ and ‘Por ella soy Eva’).

The protagonists of this comic novela will be Zuria Vega (Lupita Menchaca) and Camil (Miguel Ángel Ruiz Palacios), while the antagonists will be played by que Ingrid Martz and Mark Tacher. Sylvia Pasquel, Natasha Dupeyrón, Manuel Flaco Ibáñez and Jonathan Becerra are also part of the cast.

It will be a remake of the Colombian novela 'Pobre rico', which tells the story of two families from different social status that have to live together in the same house.

Ocampo spoke about the plot: “It’s a very fun story, because it narrates the adventures of both families: the Ruiz Palacios family, which is a family of aristocrats, of lineage, snobs, and rich, and the Menchaca family, a family that fights, doesn’t have much money, but is very solidary and caring. The hazards of destiny obligate them to live under the same roof”.

The novela starts airing on November 11 on 8:15pm, replacing 'Libre para amarte'.

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