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Pasión y Poder: Characters

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ELADIO GÓMEZ LUNA / Fernando Colunga 

Attractive man with a fierce and determined personality. He is a business genius, but a chauvinist with Julia, his wife, whom he loves but hasn’t managed to make her love him back. Ever since he was young, he holds a deep grudge against Julia’s former fiancé, Arturo Montenegro, whom he wants to destroy at all costs. He has two children: David, for whom he suspects Julia cheated on him with Arturo, and Franco, fruit of an affair he had with Caridad and whom he denies despite of their similarities.

NINA MONTENEGRO / Marlene Favela 

She is an alluring woman who loves being the spotlight. She is frivolous, flirty, arrogant, and vain, but all the same she is in love with her husband, Arturo Montenegro, of whom she is grateful for the social status he provides to her. She has three children with him: Erick, Regina, and Daniela. To her regret, she also looks after her stepson, Miguel. She hates Julia as she knows her husband is still in love with her, which will lead her to ally with Eladio in an attempt to prevent them from being together, but that complicity ends up in an affair.


An attractive woman with a generous heart and an upright and selfless personality. She fell in love with Arturo when she was young, but she gave up on him when he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. She accepted marrying Eladio even though she didn’t love him, hoping to fall in love with him one day; however, her marriage hasn’t been a happy one and the only reason why she stays there is to keep David, her only son, safe from her husband’s rejection. Her love for her son and Arturo are the reasons why she will fight against everything.


A charismatic, handsome, good-hearted man who made the big mistake of cheating on Julia, the woman he loved. He is very clever for doing business and holds an ongoing rivalry with Eladio Gómez Luna. He is Miguel’s father, the son he had with Susana, as well as Erick’s, Regina’s, and Daniela’s, fruit of his marriage with Nina, the woman he has been married for over 20 years, but whom he doesn’t really love. Arturo has two main goals in life: Recovering Julia’s love and beating Eladio in the business world.


She is a beautiful, young girl who is simple and generous as well; appearances are less than important to her, she thinks the heart always comes first, which is why Nina, her mother, and Daniela, her sister, look down on her. Destiny puts her in a job next to David Gómez Luna, who becomes the love of her life, and she will be ready to fight against everything, even her family, to be happy.


He is a kind, good-looking man, a simple person despite being rich. He loves his parents Julia and Eladio. He lives away for a long time, but when he comes back, he is affected by the hatred there is between the Gómez Lunas and the Montenegros. When he works with Regina, he falls madly in love with her, so he decides to fight against the problems between their mutual families and against Daniela’s intrigues to pursue his happiness.


A chauvinist, manipulative, and selfish young man. He is Caridad and Eladio’s child whom he regards as a role model ignoring that his godfather is in fact his father. He is Gabriela’s boyfriend, Julia’s niece, but he cheats on her with his ‘godfather’s’ secretary. Franco wants to be the lord of everything and that’s why he hates David. He plans a swindle to ruin Eladio, but he will pay the consequences of this attempt after failing.


Arturo and Nina’s older child. He grew up being spoiled and overprotected which made him rude and capricious, traits he displayed when he decided to marry Consuelo whom he disrespects and offends constantly because of her humble origins and also cheats on her with Montserrat. Because of his mother’s influence, he disregards his sister Regina, and especially, his half-brother Miguel.


She is an orphan and a beautiful woman of poor origins and good feelings. She worked as a model in the Montenegro enterprises where she met Erick, whom she married with the illusion of finding love next to him. Her life turns into a nightmare that reaches climax when she gets pregnant and has a miscarriage. She gets along with Miguel, her brother in law, who offers her the love she has always longed for.


He is Arturo and Susana’s son. His mother died when she gave birth to him, so his father looked after him. Arturo loves him, but Miguel has the impression that he sees him as the reason why he lost Julia, while Nina, his stepmother, looks down on him and sees him as a pain. Miguel is a good-looking, solitary, and a little shy guy; he falls in love with Consuelo, his half-brother Erik’s wife.

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