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Neymar and Bruna Marquezine broke up once again?

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Sad news for the fans of the most famous young couple of Brazil. According to their friends, soccer player Neymar and young actress Bruna Marquezine broke up once again, months after getting back together from their last split.

The couple first got together in late 2012. Bruna’s agency confirmed they broke up in February this year, when Bruna’s novela “Em Familia” began airing in Brazil. They even unfollowed each other on their social network accounts. But a few months later rumors had it that the couple was getting back together, and it turned out that they were right when they were seen together in a party held by the director Jayme Monjardim. Later, Bruna was seen supporting Neymar during the Brazil world cup. Although busy with her novela shooting, she attended the Brazilian national team matches whenever she could.

After the conclusion of the world cup, Bruna and Neymar were spotted on several dates in Brazil and were seen leaving for Barcelona together on July 24. Bruna was even photographed on a yacht in Ibiza a day later. Fans were surprised to see that she returned to Brazil on July 27, just three days after departing, and with a luggage of five suitcases.

According to friends of the famous couple, their relationship ended once more. They revealed that Neymar broke up with Bruna when they were in Ibiza, and that’s why she came back so soon to Brazil. They added that Bruna didn’t get along with Neymar’s best friends. This information hasn’t been confirmed by the official representatives of Bruna or Neymar.

After her return to Brazil, Bruna was seen hanging out with friends, while Neymar was spotted partying in Ibiza.

On August 4, Neymar congratulated Bruna for her 19th birthday and wrote: “Congratulations Bru, I wish you all the best in life, and that you will be able to realize all your dreams and that God will always guide you!!! Kisses! Love you @brumarquezine”. He added an old photo of them together.

Bruna responded shortly after and wrote: “Thanks! You know I wish you all of this triplicated. Love you.”

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