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Novela Pages: Pasión y Poder

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Ever since they were young, Eladio Gómez Luna and Arturo Montenegro have been archenemies. They fight each other to have full control in business and, especially, 
for Julia’s love. 

Julia and Arturo were getting married, however, Arturo cheats on her and gets another woman pregnant during a boozy night, which drives Julia to marry Eladio out of spite and without loving him. Besides having the woman of his dreams, Eladio doesn’t miss this opportunity to hurt his nemesis, Arturo, through this marriage. 

Julia thought she might fall in love with Eladio over time, but loving her in such sick way, he couldn’t manage to win her heart and he sexually abuses her at their very wedding night. Time after, David is born prematurely and Eladio believes he is Arturo’s child and not his. Eladio refuses to have a DNA test done and decides to alienate David from their lives.
On the other hand, after becoming a widower and learning Julia is pregnant with Eladio’s child, Arturo makes the decision of marrying Nina, an attractive but frivolous and ambitious woman with whom he has three children: Erick, Daniela, and Regina. 
The zeal for surpassing Eladio and the lack of love for his wife, take Arturo to seek refuge in his work, leaving his children’s education to his wife. However, the results aren’t ideal since Nina has made Erick and Daniela capricious and irresponsible, while she disregards Regina and furthermore Miguel, her stepson, whom she sees as a headache.

Nevertheless, her mother’s rejection hasn’t prevented Regina from becoming a promising architect. One day, she receives the news that she has won a very important contest for which she is forced to work with David Gómez Luna, Julia and Eladio’s son. From the very first moment, Regina and David are strongly attracted to each other and they can’t help falling in love even when their love seems impossible, being aware of their fathers’ hate. 

Once again, fate puts Eladio and Arturo face to face who also revive their rivalry for Julia’s love. Eladio knows that, deep inside, she still loves Arturo and he is ready to do anything to retain her next to him. Nina is not ready to lose her husband either, or the luxury and material comforts he provides, thus, she allies with Eladio to separate them, but they end up becoming lovers. 

Tired of not having the chance to be together, Julia and Arturo will start a new struggle to beat the intrigues that have separated them for so long and keep their children from repeating the same story, helping them enjoy their love to the fullest. 

Each of them will have to make a decision and fight for what controls their lives…Passion and Power.


Pasión y Poder Trailer by novelas-radar


Jorge Salinas - Arturo Montenegro Rivas
Susana González - Julia Vallado de Gómez-Luna
Fernando Colunga - Eladio Gómez-Luna
Marlene Favela - Nina Pérez de Montenegro
Michelle Renaud - Regina Montenegro Pérez
Altaír Jarabo - Consuelo Martínez de Montenegro
Fabiola Guajardo - Gabriela Díaz
Danilo Carrera - Franco Herrera Fuentes
Alejandro Nones - Erick Montenegro Pérez
José Pablo Minor - David Montenegro Vallado
Jauma Mateu - Miguel Montenegro Forero
Irina Baeva - Daniela Montenegro Pérez
Erika Garcia - Paulina Gómez-Luna Vallado
Raquel Olmedo - Gisela Fuentes
Marco Méndez - Agustín Ornelas
Gema Garoa - Clara Álvarez
Luis Bayardo - Humberto Vallado
Victoria Camacho - Monserrat Moret

Executive Producer
José Alberto Castro

Associate Producer
Ernesto Hernández
Fausto Sainz

Original Idea By
Marissa Garrido

Adaptation and Script by
Ximena Suárez

Co-Adapted by
Janely E. Lee
Julián Aguilar
Vanesa Varela


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