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Aleida Núñez confirmed as a villain of 'Sangre de guerreras'

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It was recently confirmed that Mexican actress Aleida Núñez will portray one of the villains of 'Sangre de guerreras', the upcoming novela of Mexican producer Nicandro Díaz. Núñez wrote on Twitter: “Happy to be coming back to the telenovelas! With an antagonic role in 'Sangre de Guerreras', produced by Nicandro Díaz. Coming soon…”. Her last novela was ‘Un Refugio para el Amor’ in 2012.

Meanwhile, it is very probable that Marjorie de Sousa will be the leading actress of this series, although it’s still not confirmed. Marjorie recently admitted that she’s negotiating the role with the producers. She said: “I adore Nicandro because he’s a great producer and friend. We’re negotiating a lot of things, but when the missing details will be confirmed, we’ll tell.”

This upcoming remake of the Argentine telenovela 'Dulce Amor' will replace 'Lo que la vida me robó'. The original story is centered on the lives of the Bandi sisters, owners of a famous sweets factory.

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