Ana y los 7 Blanca Soto

Will Blanca Soto become a stripper in her new telenovela?

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Mexican producer Juan Osorio is preparing his next novela, and it will be an adaptation of the Spanish series 'Ana y los 7', which tells the story of a woman who works as a stripper at night and is the nanny of seven rich children at daytime.

Osorio informed the press that the pre-production for the novela will begin in March, and that his scriptwriters are already writing the remake.

He also assured that he wants Blanca Soto to become the star of the telenovela, because it’s been a pleasure working with her. They collaborated last year in the successful ‘Porque el Amor Manda’, which Soto starred alongside her boyfriend Fernando Colunga. The original role was played by the sexy Spanish actress Ana Obregón.

The remake of 'Ana y los 7' will replace 'Qué pobres tan ricos' and will be aired at 8:30pm sometime this year.

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