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Natalia Oreiro reveals she lost 30 kilos

12:22 PMNovelas Radar

In a recent interview, Natalia Oreiro, the protagonist of the hit series "Solamente Vos", revealed what she did to recover her model-like figure after giving birth to her son Merlin, who is 17 months old. "I decided to cut out flour and sweet", said the Uruguayan, who claims to have never gone under the knife.

"During my pregnancy I gained almost 30 kilos. I exaggerated, didn’t watch out and ate too much," declared Oreiro to ‘Caras’ magazine.
The Uruguayan actress revealed what she did to recover her perfect body after the birth of her son. "Two months after giving birth I had to go to Cannes, so I stopped eating foods with flour and sweets for a month, and lost weight," said the star of "Solamente Vos".

Oreiro also declared that she avoided any kind of plastic surgeries: “I don’t operate my boobs because I’m still breastfeeding Merlin. I only had surgery for appendicitis and a cesarean section. I didn’t go under the knife for cosmetic purposes.”

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