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Aarón Díaz signs an exclusive contract with Telemundo

12:17 PMNovelas Radar

Mexican-American actor Aarón Díaz signed an exclusive contract with U.S based television network Telemundo this week, according to which he is expected to participate in several projects by the Spanish language network, which is based in Miami. The exact number of projects and the contract’s duration were not specified.

Díaz starred in several Televisa hits, such as "Lola, Érase una vez", "Clase 406" and "Teresa". After filming two novelas for Univision, he decided to part ways with the network and move to Telemundo. His latest projects were “El Talismán” and “Rosario”, where he portrayed the villain. While filming “El Talismán” he fell in love with his costar, Argentine actress and singer Lola Ponce, and the two became parents to baby girl Erin this past March.

His first telenovela for Telemundo will reportedly be “Santa Diabla”, where he is expected to collaborate with Gaby Espino, who will be his leading lady, and with Ximena Duque, who will play the villain. This new novela will be written by José Ignacio Valenzuela, who previously wrote "La casa de al lado".

A week ago, Díaz posted a photo of the cover of the script for the first episode of “Santa Diabla”, adding that “it’s very, very goooood!”

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