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 La Tempestad

Canal de las Estrellas / 9:30PM
Original run: May 13, 2013-October 27, 2013
Musical theme: “Hoy tengo ganas de ti” by Alejandro Fernández and Christina Aguilera
Executive producer: Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Based on: “La Tormenta” (Telemundo), by Humberto "Kiko" Olivieri
Written by: Liliana Abud and Ricardo Fiallega
121 episodes

Marina Reverte (Ximena Navarrete) works as a hotel executive, but she is dismissed after accusing the businessman Ernesto Contreras (Manuel Ojeda) of trying to sexually abuse an employee of the hotel. He swears revenge. Marina also learns that her mother Beatriz Reverte (María Sorté) suffers from a severe disease, which obligates her to move to a new place in order to be at peace.

In the meantime, in Nuestra Señora del Mar village, captain Damián Fabré(William Levy) works as a fisherman and owns a fishing boat named "La Tempestad". He supplies fish for the food product conserve factory called “Neptuno”.

Esthercita (Laura Carmine) is the daughter of the village’s mayor, and she’s obsessed with Damián. Although he doesn’t really pay any attention to her, she does everything she can to get his attention.

Mercedes Artigas (Daniela Romo) is a mysterious woman who offers Marina to work as an executive in Neptuno. Marina accepts and decides to move to Nuestra Señora del Mar, where she meets Damián for the first time. However, Marina doesn’t know that Mercedes is actually her biological mother, who got pregnant when young and had twins, but the evil Ernesto Contreras took away her other daughter, Magdalena (Ximena Navarrete).

After all the suffering, Mercedes became a rich woman who earned the respect of the society and she now has the power to face her enemies. She has dedicated her life to finding her daughters, but she also got involved with people from the underworld, and earned the nickname “queen of the night”, because she managed to save and help many young victims.

During their first encounter in Neptuno, Marina treats Damián coldly and arrogantly, but Damián ignores her and presents himself as the man who has the authority there. Marina is furious and feels humiliates, and decides to cancel his contract. But the administrator Olinto (Luis Manuel Ávila) explains her that the contract with captain Fabré cannot be annulled.

Meanwhile, Marina reunites with Hernán Saldaña (Iván Sánchez), who was her classmate in the past, and is now a powerful businessman. He works with a mafia that dedicates itself to human trafficking, and especially the trafficking of women. The village’s mayor, Fulgencio (César Évora), is his main ally. Hernán orders him to destroy both Neptuno and Damián’s boat.

Marina is not aware that Hernán is the responsible for the attacks in the factory, which cause significant losses to the company. In the meantime, she and Damián decide to put their differences behind and join hands in order to save the factory. They finally realize that they fell in love.

William Levy - Captain Damian Fabre / Daniel Felipe Castañeda
Ximena Navarrete - Marina Reverte / Magdalena Reverte
Iván Sánchez - Hernán Saldaña Artigas
Laura Carmine - Esther Mata (Esthercita)
Daniela Romo - Mercedes Artigas, the widow of Saldaña
César Évora - Mayor Fulgencio Mata
Lucero Lander - Delfina Salazar de Mata
María Sorté - Beatriz
Malisha Quintana - Mayuya Canseco
Osvaldo Rios - Arcelio Reverte
Manuel Ojeda - Ernesto Contreras
Nora Salinas - Victoria
Arturo Carmona - Jose Manriquez
Monica Miguel - Eusebia
Carmen Salinas - Maria Guadulupe
Nailea Norvind - Laura
Sharis Cid - Candeleria "Candy"
Luis Manuel Ávila - Olinto
Alejandro Ibarra - Bagre
Latin Lover - Oso
Alfonso Iturralde
Amor Flores - Jazmin
Salvador Ibarra - Lagarto
Fernando Robles - Lara
Francisco Martin - Lolo
Enrique Zepeda - Lazaro Mata Salazar
Alpha Acosta - Felipa Fernandez
Adalberto Parra - Valdivia
Fernando Larranaga - Dr. San Miguel
Jose Antonio Ferral - Toribio


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