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Jacqueline Bracamontes presents her pretty daughter “Mini Jacky” through “Hola”

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Mexican actress and host Jacqueline Bracamontes and husband Martín Fuentes presented to the world their daughter Jacqueline Fuentes Bracamontes, whom they affectionately call “Mini Jacky”, through an exclusive interview to the Mexican magazine “Hola”. Although Bracamontes shared many photos of her newborn through her twitter account, it was the first official report and photo session for mini Jacky, who was born on March 29th.  Through the photo session they also revealed their beautiful home and their daughter’s nursery.

During the interview, Fuentes and Bracamontes talked about their new life with their beautiful daughter and about the sorrow of losing their baby boy Martincito, who unfortunately passed away during birth. Bracamontes said: “when things like that happen in life, you ask yourself “why?”, but the right question should be “for what?”. I still haven’t found the answer, but I feel a lot closer to Martín and our family is more united than ever.” She added: “Martín and I are slowly trying to overcome the loss of our son, each in a different way. He gets angrier, and I cry more, but we’re more united. God has his reasons, and I know that he will send us a baby boy or a baby girl soon. Our daughter will have little brothers and everything that comes along will be good.”

In spite of everything that happened, the couple is trying their best to overcome the difficulties of the past and to enjoy their new life with little Jacky. Bracamontes said: “My daughter has changed my life for the better. I realized my dream of becoming a mother and it exceeded my expectations, without a doubt.” Fuentes said: “Each morning, when I see the sun shining on my daughter’s little face, and she smiles and opens her eyes… I feel a great peace. In this moment, the day begins again.”

Jacky also spoke about the great resemblance of her daughter to daddy Martín: “She is identical to her dad: her mouth, her nose, her legs, ears… each part of her body reminds me of her dad. I hope she’ll have something mine too!”

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