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Christian Meier officially presented as the protagonist of “La Malquerida”

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The leading man of José Alberto Castro’s upcoming novela “La Malquerida” was finally revealed to the public: Peruvian actor Christian Meier will play the leading role in this production. After many speculations and rumors, Meier’s name was officially confirmed by Televisa.

He will play Esteban Domínguez, a man that feels torn by the conflict of loving and desiring two women, who are also mother and daughter: the characters played by Victoria Ruffo and Ariadne Díaz.

43 year-old Meier previously acted in many notable productions, such as “Doña Bárbara” and “Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa”, where he played the legendary Zorro. His last novela was “Cosita Linda”, produced by Venevisión International.  He makes an impressive entrance to Televisa, becoming the leading actor of his first Televisa novela in “La Malquerida”.

Besides the three leading actors, other confirmed cast members are: Sabine Moussier, Raquel Olmedo, Nora Salinas, Silvia Mariscal, Guillermo García Cantú, África Zavala, Mane de la Parra, Brandon Peniche, Fabian Robles and Ignacio López Tarso.

“La Malquerida” will premiere in June in the 7pm timeslot in Mexico.

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