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Jacky Bracamontes will celebrate today the baptism of her daughter: check out the best photos of 'Mini Jacky'

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Jacky Bracamontes and husband Martín Fuentes will celebrate today the baptism of their daughter Jacqueline, born on March 30, and whom everybody affectionately call 'Mini Jacky'. The famous couple and their gorgeous baby girl will be surrounded by many friends and family members. 'Mini Jacky' will have four godparents: Jacky’s sister and her husband and Martin’s sister and her husband.

To make sure that the event is up to her expectations, Bracamontes hired specialists in event planning: “Jaime González, who planned my wedding, and Alfonso Helfonson are great event planners and they create magic. I think the result will be great.”

Jacky also revealed a few weeks ago that she and her husband had a small argument regarding the baptism robe that their daughter will be using during the ceremony because Fuentes was against using the robe that is traditionally used by the Bracamontes family. She jokingly said: “It’s our family tobe, I want Jackita to use this one, but Martín doesn’t, because he wanted her to have a new one. So we’ll see who wins this fight.”

She also spoke about how becoming a mom changed her life: “I’m a different woman, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of being a mother and having this angel in my life, and experiencing this miracle of being a mom is the best thing that happened in my life.”

Check out some of the best photos of the lovely baby and her loving parents:

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