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Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli start filming for 'Lo que la vida me robó'

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This week began the filming of the novela 'Lo que la vida me robó', starring Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzman.

'Lo que la vida me robó' is a story based on the plot of the historical telenovela 'Bodas de odio', but this time there will be a twist to the plot and it will be told as a modern story. This became a challenge for Angelli Nesma and her team of writers, as they expect to catch the public’s attention with a new way of telling the memorable story.

In addition to the leading actors, 'Lo que la vida me robó' will feature performances by actors like Grettell Valdez, Margarita Magaña, Osvaldo Benavides, Isabella Camil and Alexis Ayala, among others.

The initial ‘claquetazo’ occurred in the beautiful state of Campeche, and most of the actors updated their Twitter account, posting updated and photos from the set.

This new and exciting novela will begin airing on November 4, replacing ‘La Tempestad’.

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