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In a revealing interview, Griselda Siciliani confesses: “In bed I’m not very romantic. I’m wild, pure passion”

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Motherhood was like a balsam for Griselda Siciliani (35), who currently acts in the series ‘Farsantes’, and recently posed for a sensual photo shoot for “Gente” magazine. In the interview, the wife of Adrián Suar (45) took off the label of being the first lady of the TV: "I hate that phrase! Do you have a clue how many times I need to act nicer and be more careful than I normally would with my colleagues and during my recording schedules?”

A year after giving birth to Margarita, her first daughter, Griselda says that she still has to lose four of the 25 kilos which she gained during her pregnancy. She rejects the idea of a possible wedding: "It's weird to have to put a signature.  It’s a label that doesn’t excite me. Marga already joined us for life.”

Jokingly, she also tells the recent news about her baby: “She rejects my tits. And she already knows thousands of words. We asked her 'who did that drawing' and she answered 'I did’, pointing at herself.” As for her relationship with Suar, she reveals: "He was my fan long before we started dating. This great love began from a professional endearment, and that's the key to this couple, the admiration."

Moreover, the actress admits she is jealous, but not of Araceli González, and remarks: "The sex which is presented in the TV doesn’t exist. Even if you’re very in love… who does it with the candles and music? In bed I’m not very romantic. I’m wild, pure passion. Life is more fun without any makeup on!”

She also spoke about her outstanding character in ‘Farsantes’: "Accepting this work was the hardest decision I made in my life. But I felt it was my time to do it. I don’t know if it’s because of the age or motherhood, but today I feel more in peace and much more confident."

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