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Ingrid Martz and Jonathan Becerra to participate in "Qué pobres tan ricos"

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The production team of Rosy Ocampo’s "Qué pobres tan ricos" recently revealed some of the names of the actors that will participate in the novela. It was already confirmed that Jaime Camil and Zuria Vega will play the main roles. Meanwhile, Ingrid Martz and Jonathan Becerra were recently confirmed to join the impressive cast, which already includes Mark Tacher, Silvia Pasquel, Manuel "Flaco" Ibañez, Raquel Pankowsky, Gustavo Rojo and Arturo Peniche.

Although ex miss universe Valerie Domínguez was expected to act in the novela, her participation was canceled due to economic disagreements. It was decided that Ingrid Martz, who recently played a villain in "Corazón Indomable", will be taking her place.

Jonathan Becerra, who became famous after winning the child reality show "Código Fama", will be plating a young musician that falls in love with the sister of Miguel Angel Ruiz Palacios (Jaime Camil).

"Qué pobres tan ricos" is a remake of the Colombian novela "Pobre rico", and will replace "Libre para amarte" in Mexico. It premieres on November 11.

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