Barbara Mori Dos Lunas

Bárbara Mori presents her new series “Dos Lunas”

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Bárbara Mori looked happy and radiant during the presentation of her newest series “Dos Lunas” this Thursday. The Project, which is also co-produced by Mori, will premiere on October 12 in Mexico on Mundo Fox channel.

She was accompanied by the rest of the cast and her co-producer Epigmenio Ibarra, of Argos TV, whom she thanked for all the support he gave her in order to realize this interesting project.

Mori also showed her maternal side while talking about the experience of working with children. She smiled and spoke about the participation of Ana Paula, one of the child actors who acts in the series: “Working with children is the most beautiful thing in the world. Right, Ana Paula? Especially with you. This girl here is not only very pretty, but also a wonderful actress. She’s very professional, does well her job, she’s an angel that illuminates the set every time she arrives. She even brings us chocolates and always shows us a lot of affection.”

In “Dos Lunas” Mori will play two characters. Sol and Luna are two sisters with opposed personalities that are as different as their names (meaning Sun and Moon) suggest.

Talking about the two characters, Mori said that she thinks that both reflect sides of her personality: “We all have this internal fight within us. There’s one part that wants to go wild and other that is correct and educated. I think that the series deals with it. Son is very similar to me, and Luna too. They’re absolutely different: Sol is the day, and the other is the night. One is sanity, she’s a psychologist, and very correct. The other is completely crazy, she stops at nothing. I think that these two sides exist within me.”

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